Our Workshop

Predictive Numerology Certified Course


Day 1

1. Introduction about numbers 1-9- Connectivity Theory
2. Characteristics of each octave number in detail
3. Deep Insights on 81 combinations- With real time practical observations
4. Quick analysis on Birth and Destiny number combination
5. Application of combined numbers
6. Learning to identify friendly and enemy numbers
7. Study on zodiacs and their relation with numbers
8. Deep study on nine planets and their influence on human life
9. How different numbers have an influence on your behavioral pattern


Day 2

1. Effective ways of reading Numeroscope
2. Identifying traits of the person thru Numeroscope – Real Time Analysis
3. Marriage and Partnership Compatibility analysis
4. Missing and Recurring number remedies – The most effective solution
5. SWOT analysis of Date of Birth
6. Master numbers and Karmic numbers
7. Personal Code theory
8. Learn tips and tricks for quick analysis of clients numero chart
9. Predicting health issues, causes and suggesting remedies through use of numbers.


Day 3

1. Most effective Name Calculation Method – Chaldean Theory
2. Corporate Numerology – Name calculation, logo, pricing and much more
3. Hierarchy of Corporate numerology
4. Learn to frame the most beneficial names for company’s brand & product
5. Signature analysis technique
6. Learning ways of predicting thru numerology – Most powerful method
7. Baby Name Change & Correction
8. Real time case studies and practical sessions
9. Q & A Session

Candidates  desirous of pursuing this course need to deposit or transfer the fees in our bank account, details of which can be seen in payment information tab at our website. For queries mail us at or Contact at 9300 305040

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