Salute to Indian Air Force

It's a day to salute our braves. India has struck the biggest Jaish-e-Muhammad terrorist camp in Balakote. Coincidently Modi Ji's biggest action for major transformation has been seen on date's with total of 8. This number is very judgmental and knows when and what to do for benefit of masses.

As we know Jupiter and Saturn are the two planets known for justice.

Current Year = 2019= 3

Today’s Date: 26-02-2019= Combination of 8 & 4

Number 8 is ruled by Saturn and we know it punishes the native of wrong doing.
Destiny number 4 Uranus (Rahu) suggests the work done with lot of proper planning and analysis.

Being Tuesday, the day is ruled by Mangal (Mars) which is very aggressive by nature and known for quick action. And the combo of 4,8&9 is the indication of distruction.

Also India is running into its 72nd year of Independence which is in fine tune with the ruling year and name number.

However caution is advised as current PM of Pakistan Imran Khan number suggests that he may take few inappropriate actions to retaliate the attack by activating his sleeper cells or informers.

Imran Khan = NN 26/8 (ruled by Saturn)
His DoB as per Wikipedia = 05-10-1952 Combination of 5-5
Currently running into his 67th =4 Year ruled by Uranus and personal year of 9
Here again we can see combo of 4, 8 & 9 in his personal life
Also he is the 22nd Prime Minister of Pakistan

Too many 5 present in his date of birth makes him spontaneous in decision without giving a calculative thought which would harm him badly. Number suggests tough time for Imran Khan ahead since Uranus has taken charge over his current age which is very freaky and destructive by nature.

But nothing to worry for us, as we are safe in arms of one of the best Armed Forces in the world.

I love Indian Military! I am proud of my armed forces.
Thank you for protecting us.
Thank you for sacrificing your everything for us.
You are the saviours of Bharat Mata(INDIA).
Thanks for being with us and protecting us in every situation.
Thank you Indian Military.

🇮🇳 Jai Hind 🇮🇳

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