Personalized Name Report For An Individual

Personalized Name Report for an Individual Rs 5,500 – Basic Pack

  1. Name Change suggestion
  2. Basic Remedies
  3. Lucky Days, Dates & Colors, Lucky Car Number, House Number and Mobile Number

Personalized Name Report for your Business Rs 11,000

Fees of Rs 11,000 for business premises of 500Sq ft,

Rs 21,000 for business premises of 500-3000 sq ft, and Rs 51,000 for big business & Industry houses

  1. Analysis of your company’s current name
  2. Suggestion for a name correction and new business names
  3. Suggestion for Products and its Pricing
  4. A good compatible day and date to start your Company and Brand
  5. Partnership compatibility analysis
  6. Company Logo suggestion
  7. Color combination and other support as per Vastu

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