Numerology can certainly do lot of things for you. It has the power to find the right job, the right person to marry, the right business venture to approve and many more. One can successfully turn life around through the application of numerology. But remember, it will take little time for these changes to come through and until such time you have to show patience. It all depends on how you practice with your new name to bring it in complete vibrations with your date of birth.
Yes, numerology is the study of numbers and its correlation to our lives. These numbers are of extreme significance as they are what you will be using to predict your future.
No. Many things are taken into account before making numerology report such as your name, the number of alphabets in it, the numbers assigned to each alphabet, zodiac sign etc. We have to use all these to arrive at your life path, personality number etc. Each one takes a different piece of information into consideration.
Numerology can help you avail rewards in your life and avoid obstacles. But it might not be possible for you to dictate your life completely. Numerologist helps by giving you powerful numbers so that you can reach your destiny with ease.
No, this is only a requirement for astrology. In numerology, all you need is the date of birth; the full, original birth-certificate name; and the first and last name you currently go by today. It’s essential that this information be 100 percent correct; otherwise the entire reading will be wrong. Therefore, it is wise to double-check the spelling on your birth certificate before calculating your numbers. It also pays to confirm the details of others before taking the time to calculate their numbers.
Every number has positives and negatives, so there’s no such thing as a “good” or “bad” number, let alone the “perfect number” that guarantees a challenge-free life.
Great question! It all depends on which system you use. Some numerologists believe it runs from Jan to Jan to coincide with the calendar year, however others feels it runs from birthday to birthday. Neither is right or wrong, it’s just a matter of personal preference.
I do not believe in the same. Numerology can give you a list of your lucky numbers and Dates .But I have never heard anyone win a lottery with the help of numerology anywhere in the world.
YES, Definitely. Getting Numerology from a Qualified Numerologist Consultant is the best way to avoid it. Avoid people who promise RICHES and OVERNIGHT BOOM. Numerology cannot alter your destiny it simply energizes the Name and infuses positive vibrations for it to work effectively for you.
Each birth date comes with its own strengths and weaknesses. This, when coupled with the vibrations of the child’s name, can either enhance or diminish the possibilities of a good life for the child. Through the numerology analysis and consultation offered at NameMyLife.com, I ensure: a) That the chosen name is suitable under the Chaldean system b) That the Life Path and the Destiny numbers support each other c) That the number of Karmic years is minimized.
If you are confident that your astrologer knows the art of combining names, please go right ahead and solicit his or her services. My understanding is that there are very few who specialize in the numerological aspect of this.
Expect to hear from me within two or three days after submitting your request for a naming consult. Please note, however, that more complex birth dates and surnames may take up to a week to analyze. Company names may require some correspondence both ways and that will certainly take longer, depending on how much back-and-forth brainstorming we end up doing together. Please include your phone number, along with the country and area code, so that I can call you, if required.
Well, either that, or you can do a name analysis yourself, as it’s not that difficult. In the course of my practice, I have found many instances where retaining the maiden surname or combining the two surnames lead to a better marriage.
Of course it can! A poorly matched name often creates tussles within the mind, where clarity is lost, and doubts are created. Believe it or not, unsuitable names can also result in depression, insanity, accidents and other issues.
NO! Rest assured; neither I, the Numerologist, nor the employees/business partners of NameMyLife.com will ever: a) divulge any information about you b) use your personal information in any way, shape or form c) name drop d) send you marketing mails e) send you spam f) sell, rent or otherwise share your email address.

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