Dr Vijay Mallya: NN 29...This number gets you involve in litigations to settle disputes.

Dr Vijay Mallya: NN 29...This number gets you involve in litigations to settle disputes. Most often observed, this number makes you fond of 3W's= Women, Wine & Wealth...But any wrong activity forces you into huge trouble

DoB Combination: 18-12-1955, 9-5 (Mars & Mercury)

Birth Number 5: Association of Sun, Saturn & Mars in the number itself denotes negative forces at work. When in negative, their personal ambition takes so much weightage in their life that they forget their morals

Destiny Number 5: Humans have the potential to become devil or angel by their choice, so the most positive characteristic of this number is freedom. Other positive characteristics of this number are travel & adventure, varieties of life, constant changes, learning through experience.

The negative characteristics of repeated number 5 are: thoughtless actions, escape from the situation ( instead of facing problems), irresponsibility or non-committal and unrealistic approach.

Kingfisher: NN 35= 8 (You can't imagine of wrong doing if you have NN ruled by Lord of Justice- "Saturn")

Kingfisher Airlines:NN 56=2 (NN in 2(water) which opposes 9(Fire)...
Combination of 2-5 gives mental unrest)...and we know the history

Punchline: "King of Good Times" NN 46...a punchline which promoted the company to number 1 position but as usual journey of 8-1 halted due to conflicts

  • On 13 June 2016, the Prevention of Money Laundering Act (PMLA) court declared Mallya a "proclaimed offender"
  • Vijay Mallya was arrested in the UK on 18th April 2017 = Combination of 9-5 similar to his DoB
  • A group of 17 Indian banks are trying to collect approximately ?9,000 crore (US$1.3 billion) in loans which Mallya has allegedly routed to gain 100% or a partial stake in about 40 companies across the world.
  • UK clears Vijay Mallya's extradition on 4th Feb 2019

As we know number 9 is a warrior, fighter and adamant to their decisions
His Destiny number 5 represents independent attitude or freedom, Mallya may not give up easily, hence he will exhaust further legal recourse or excuse of health issue to pass the time.

Currently we are in 2019, ruled by Jupiter(Guru). Planet Jupiter and Saturn are known as Lord of Justice. This year lot more decisions are awaited and we would soon see some action happening on Lalit Modi, Nirav Modi, Mehul Choksi, Subrata Roy, Deepak Kochhar and many more. Keep reading the space for latest happening and analysis based on numbers.

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