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Rajeev Leelaramani is a Financial Advisor by profession who has completed his Masters in Finance from Pune University. Numbers has always fascinated him, which created his interest in this science of numbers and today he is well known numerologist practicing in Indore. His core success is in giving perfect balanced names to people for bringing out the best in them and thus making them more fortunate. A visionary by nature and a student with the thought, he firmly believes that we have the power to attain anything in the world and get whatever we wish to, and our numeric planetary positions act as a catalyst in achieving these. Slight bit of correction and remedies could help us be better prepared to handle any adverse situation, and lead a successful life.

Apart from Individual numerology, he offers specialized services for selection of Company Names & Logos for Corporate houses to help them grow and succeed. Clients receive valuable insight and expert advice from Mr. Rajeev Leelaramani and implement those advices into their professional and personal lives. He suggests very simple, practical and effective tips as remedies for treatment of their various problems. His focus and stress is on numero remedies which any person can follow with ease. Spiritual enlightenment makes his tips more powerful.

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